Client Experiences

Feedback from individuals & organisations I have worked with previously.

These clients have given permission to share their feedback of working with me.

I am working with Vijay as my Executive coach, I am doing this as part of a company sponsored coaching programme and I’m really enjoying the experience. I am able to focus on the things I need to spend more time doing and it’s making a positive impact to my performance.

R**** A****
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I am able to talk openly and confidently about my goals, aspirations and the things I would like with Vijay. I’m beginning to see what Vijay means when he says I have potential and I’m happy to have my sessions.

S**** M****

Where to start? I’m 42 years old, I’ve realised it’s never too late to change my life and I’m working with Vijay to make sure I stay focussed & dedicated to the one goal that matters most to me. I’m starting a business and I feel I’ve found a good coach to help me at this time of my life.

J**** S****

“We achieve more together
than we ever will alone”


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