Working 1-on-1 with you

Helping bring a realisation within you that opens more of your potential.

Personal Development is as the name says, personal and focussed to you. It’s an empowering and liberating process that’s designed to provide you with the clarity, energy and mindset you need to live the life you imagine. As your Coach, the first thing is to find your clarity, this could either mean thinking about what you want to gain or what you need to let go. This allows your deep core to have a chance to come out and develop, the result of this is that you feel fulfilled. Every day has a purpose and instead of needing a ‘push’, you’ll find your spirit is now being ‘pulled’ towards your personal goals.

My focus as a Coach is to guide you through this process, help you have some self realisations so that you understand what you need to gain and what to drop. We take as long as you need, then we start turning words into actions, developing your personal habits over time. This process is designed from start to finish to help you go through a unique process tailored strictly to you alone but with the flexibility to suit your lifestyle and my experience and personal commitment to make the difference in your life.

Private & Personal

The best way to take advantage of this life is to unleash yourself in it.

Using this site, I will work exclusively with you either in person or virtually (phone or video). It’s time to be real, open-minded and be honest with yourself. Are you open to…

  • Boost your confidence and to take on new challenges?
  • Get a clear direction for your life, career, relationships, and more?
  • Figure out what you want. There’s more to life than ‘this’ right?
  • Have someone be your catalyst, get insightful guidance along the way?
  • Create balanced relationships for you, friends, family, partner, others?
  • Stop letting another year go by and wonder why you’re in the same place?
  • Be better at managing stress, reducing burnout, detoxing your mind?
  • Making new habits and continuing the ones that you enjoy and have fun with?
  • Let someone who’s willing to believe, motivate and work with you?
  • Be Victorious in who YOU really are?

It’s time to do it. You know you deserve more, it’s time to Be Victorious in YOU

  • Acknowledge your power, your purpose, your spirit. Realise your potential & capabilities
  • Uncover your goals, define and refine an action plan with 1-on-1 personal support
  • Uncover your inner strengths, passion and purpose so you focus on fulfilling your life
  • Create relationships where you understand each other and feel invigorated every day
  • Realise the mental blocks that hold you back such as limiting beliefs, bad habits or fears
  • Release yourself from the obstacles that you may not realise are there, move forward now
  • Be more aware and mindful over your own self-talk and thoughts so you stay sharp
  • Realise more about yourself, your capabilities, strengths to have Victorious confidence
  • Move forward with a purpose or a vision that is unique to you alone
  • Personal, confidential and unique approach that’s tailored to you alone


People who voluntarily and happily share their experience of working with me.

I am working with Vijay as my Executive coach, I am doing this as part of a company sponsored coaching programme and I’m really enjoying the experience. I am able to focus on the things I need to spend more time doing and it’s making a positive impact to my performance.

R**** A****

Where to start? I’m 42 years old, I’ve realised it’s never too late to change my life and I’m working with Vijay to make sure I stay focussed & dedicated to the one goal that matters most to me. I’m starting a business and I feel I’ve found a good coach to help me at this time of my life.

J**** S****

“We achieve more together
than we ever will alone”


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