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Start with a discovery call. It’s the perfect way to figure out which type of coaching is right for you. Best of all, it’s free and takes about 20-30 mins. Book your free discovery call now.

Personal Development

Focussing solely on you to develop yourself into your vision.

Executive Coaching

Unlocking your abilities to develop your peak performance.

Results Coaching

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The Coaching Process

To better understand the coaching flow, this is how I start your personal coaching journey.

1. Have a Vision

Have an idea of what you want whether that’s a personal goal, business goals, or anything at all. If you’re not sure what you want, that’s a good starting point too. Let’s figure it out.

2. Free 1st Consultation

The free 1st consultation will be relaxed, private and open-minded. You can share your thoughts and what’s important to you without any pressure to identify your key goal.

3. Layout a Plan

After our first session, you will have a better understanding of what matters to you, where to focus your attention, and an idea of how to keep moving forward. Let’s build on that.

4. Consistency is Key

I work with you on a flexible basis to suit your schedule. This will help you develop and strengthen the core habits you need, this is critical to helping you maintain and grow your vision.

5. Let's do It

Click on the button to get started. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to working with you.

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What can coaching help me with?

Coaching is ideal for making informed choices about the big decisions in your life. I help you clarify your goals, values & vision and together we come up with a plan towards a more productive future for you. I also help you to astutely assess the risks and choices you’ve been making so far, so that you can make intelligent choices and let go of any self-limiting beliefs. This is perfect for those who have a clear vision of where they want to be, but would be much better off by having an action plan to make the vision come to life.

Coaching can help you regain the traction your craving in your life with proven results and strategies. If you’re ready to take the leap you need, to break down the walls blocking your way, step out of your comfort zone and get the pull you need for the next level in your life. Coaching is for you, get in touch with me now.

How long should I get a coach for?

I would typically recommend from six months to 1 year of coaching, however every client is unique and your requirements may vary. The genuine idea is that by doing things properly, you address the situation fully and completely. The first 3 months are used to completely identify your limiting beliefs. This is followed by the next 3-6 months of developing patterns and practising habits to overcome those limiting beliefs.

After this period, I will will then work closely with you to ensure your new patterns & habits become part of your renewed self and like 2nd nature. Your new Victorious self.

How does Vijay's Victorious Coaching work?

Start simple, let’s begin with a complimentary 30 minute session. During this time you and I will evaluate and identify your biggest barriers and any limiting beliefs you may that are holding you back. We can then use this to create a personal goal plan to define a roadmap for the vision you have for your life and the direction you want to succeed in.

After this brief session you will be in a position to know more about how I work and what we can do together for you, we can then set a timeline that works for you and create a 1-on-1 meeting schedule. This can be once a week, to keep you accountable and to ensure your new habits become a natural part of your life, and keep you moving in the direction you should know you deserve.

What does Vijay do that others don't?

With over 30 years of my life with me, I am fully committed to using my personal philosophies and techniques to connect with you personally. I go beyond simple and generic, I look to create a permanent and resonating difference in your life that will impact you and everyone you come into contact with throughout your life. I believe you have everything you will ever need within you, I don’t mean this as some new age voodoo talk.

I genuinely believe you don’t need to ‘gain’ anything from somewhere else, if anything you need to ‘let go’ of some of the barriers hold you back. Imagine yourself being actively in control of your mind, your authority, your personal power, would you be living on another level? Imagine your new way of thinking on a daily basis, what that be better for you? To develop a Victorious mindset, so positive that you make the decisions for your life, your joy and pursue your passion. This is the Victorious method.

How do I get started?

Start seeing yourself on another level, schedule a 30-minute session today. I will assist you to assess any limiting beliefs you may have, setting goals and assisting you to develop and define your vision. This will allow you to have a plan of action that challenges you to achieve your true, victorious self.

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