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“The man on a mission to make more people see more of their own unrealised potential”. Everyone has a gift and a strength, something they were made for, something they were born to do. Being Victorious in who you are, the deep inner you is your right. Be You, be Victorious.

My Journey and my Story

I don’t have a magical story nor do I offer anything dreamy. ‘Vijay Victorious’ aka ‘Victorious Coaching’ started pretty naturally as far as things go, by being true to myself. I developed a sense of my passion for people and conversations when I deeply listen to others and their story. It’s second nature for me to empathise and relate to what others freely share with me.

I find helping others progress towards their goal or vision is as easy as breathing, it’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing as part of my day to day process. I have the habit of not judging, empathising and being open-minded which is something I have fine-tuned to use as a tool to help people overcome their various physical and psychological blocks.

I attribute these aspects of my life to my strong beliefs & principles. I have a strong sense of commitment towards unlocking the potential that we have inside us all, the innate warrior within, or what I describe as the ‘Victorious’ attitude. I have and will continue to invest more and more of my time towards my ability to make a meaningful difference to the lives of others, by helping them realise the power of their own latent potential.

What I Made the Decision to Do

So why did I start ‘coaching’? The truth is I didn’t realise I had been coaching others. Everyone I was talking to at the time I considered a friend, by this I mean that these were individuals I had genuine interest in making a positive change for and was happy to see them winning.

For at least a decade up to this point in my life, I had focussed on my career as a marketing & brand developer. I developed a high-level ability in marketing, branding, UX design, web design and development as an entrepreneur. A few of my client made the request that I start coaching them on a full-time basis as up to this point I had been ‘helping’ them without realising I was ‘coaching’ them.

When I was told that I was coaching others and that I should look into it as a service, well that’s when things started getting very exciting for me. A few searches, phone calls & meetings later, I had found the perfect institution for me to develop and hone my Executive Coaching and offer more of what I enjoyed but refined for a more focussed approach to the people I work with.

The Values that I Hold

Marketing – marketing is a fairly simple concept if you can clearly define your end customer. Everything else should build on this idea. I genuinely believe that the biggest impact you can make is to make your customers the biggest fans for your brand. Easy to say, simple in idea however it takes some dedication.

Branding – everything you do, everyone you interact with, everything that is put in front of your customers is your brand. How quickly you respond, how you solve and handle situations, your demeanour when you communicate, what you do can make your customer love you or leave you.

Personal Belief – we can often be our own biggest critics. Having a mission to achieve is one thing but believing that you’re the one to do it of all the people possible is another thing. You may have this self-belief, it may be strong or it may be weak at times as time will test you. Your inner warrior has to be unstoppable, you are completely capable of achieving it.

Passionate for Non-Profit’s

I believe that the right impact can be improved with the right foundation. I sincerely respect and support many non-profit, NGO, Charity, CIC, Social Enterprise, and other types of organisations. Even if it’s a for-profit company, if it has the right ethics and mission, I am happy to be onboard.

I have worked with various non-profit organisations in various capacities, from a supportive, advisory, consultant’s role and continue to do so, it’s something close to my heart and one that I naturally gravitate towards. If you’re reading this and either work as part of any of these types or organisations or are looking to start/become involved in one, I would be interested in speaking with you.

As an added commitment to this type of work and to add more value to any role I can play, I offer a different rate for these types of organisations. Please contact me or if you use any of the forms on this site, please tick the relevant checkbox and I will respond accordingly.

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